Your Digital Footprint Is Important Today

There was a time when people worked with a company and hoped for a good career. With improved communications and travel possibilities, a lot of mobility and freedom came. So people changed jobs to chalk out a good career.

No job spans a life-time. Today people define their career path.

The community-building and visibility-enhancing features of today’s social networking sites have led to a revolution in defining one’s career path. People exhibit their skill sets, past achievements, endorsements from peers and influential people and can also display how good their professional network is. Virtual visibility greatly helps. If they are authentic, they build a nice reputation and let right people discover them. The word-of-mouth recommendations happen a lot more, quicker and with ease. The beauty is that this is available to all people at all stages of their career. HR managers and agencies routinely use online social networks to evaluate potential candidates. Someone searching social networks or Google to know your digital footprints is common today.

By learning new skills to adapt to our ever-changing world, today, you can make your brand and opportunity for success will automatically follow.

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How visible are you virtually? If someone is looking for you, where can they find you? Think about it. Share it. Be Visible.

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