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When it comes to Social Media conversations, people become very stiff. Forget the medium for a moment.

Why do we have conversations?

Imagine the last social conversation you had.

You don’t have conversation for informing the world. You don’t do it to convert anybody. You do it to express what you think and to know what others think. To exchange personal opinions, attitudes and beliefs.  You do it everyday. You build relationships over a period of time through such conversations.

As a good conversationalist, you must demonstrate a good skill in expressing your opinion and challenging others. You must be able to say the same thing in different ways to different audience. So to converse well, you must be aware of what you have learnt.  You should have opinion or thoughts about the learnt subject.

As a kid, we always learnt as a result of what somebody else said. The old family system has shrunk and you don’t hear different opinions even at home. There is no learning even there. To be good at conversation, you must also be a good listener. You must have a good attitude to listen to what others say. You must learn as you listen. You must compare your own thoughts with what you listen.

Conversations should be with people and not at them. A conversation generally happens with no clue what is going to come up next nor with the obligation to say anything. Any other way it will look forced and the result will not be a great conversation.

In a conversation, all kinds of queer and new opinions will come. One must have the right attitude and tolerance.

Is this possible in Social Media conversations? What do you think changes there?

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