Can Social Media Tools Come Handy For Customer Support?

Social media tools go a long way in customer support. Today’s customer expresses his problems first in public before he even tells people related to the brand or company. Companies are expected to watch this and answer the customer. That’s the level of support customer expects today.

A few examples of using social media tools will include  adding content to online knowledge bases proactively by blogging about FAQs, creating online customer forums and help them actively manage it and customer experiences posted using multimedia and blogs. 

A genuine grievance posted and solved using social media tools can go a great way to speak good of the company’s customer service. The reverse will become a PR nightmare too.

Customer support through social media tools is all about being proactive and keeping a watch wherever the brand is mentioned.

There is a lot of scope for innovation in this area and hence support will also give you competitive edge over your customers.

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