In-House Or Outsource Social Media?

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Around the world, a lot of businesses are stepping on to use Social Media. Even small ones can raise their chances of success through social media.

Many new entrants call me up with queries. One of the dilemmas they have is if they should manage in-house or outsource.If outsource, then, all of them?

My answer is: It depends.

A set of right questions will help you set goals.

Your goals will help you determine the tools.

Your choice of tools will tell you the required resources.

Your evaluation of resources will let you decide the answer to the question, “Can you manage in-house or should you outsource?”

No one else also can answer this unless you discuss your goals and resources. Also don’t get tricked by someone(even your own employee) who has just a presence in one of the social networking sites and claims to know how to handle social media for business.

Learning an art is utterly different from learning to enjoy the products of an art. There is a great difference between an esthete and an artist.

Learning social media as an integral part of your day’s work is totally different from having an individual presence in some of the social networking sites for pleasantness.

The pleasures of the spectator and listener are the pleasures of relaxation. They are detached from all practical affairs and indulged purely for pleasantness. 

Social Media, on the contrary, is hard work, a career, requires a lot of concentration and zeal to succeed. It is based upon online social interactions as two-way conversations and must be mastered.

You may need outside help even to answer the “in-house or outsource” question. You may need help with just a PoA(plan of action) or setting up from scratch and a few months of help till you get running at a good speed. Or you may need full-time help as long as it takes.

If you have clear goals and can dedicate resources, your doing it yourself will be more effective.

Goals. Tools. Resources. You move closer to your answers.

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