Social Media and Healthcare : A Good Example

I wrote about Physician-Patient relationship. This is a very interesting area to work on for doctors too.

I have been promoting the idea that doctors can use Social Media space for sharing information which will help empower patients and also help provide better healthcare.

Since my profession made me closer to physicians, a lot of my friends call me to accompany them to the visit to their doctor to understand and explain to them later. Especially when they have to take decisions. I am attached to this subject of “patient education” very much.

Most of the times what physicians explain, patients cannot understand. There are many reasons for this. The physician may not have enough time and patience. Patients have a lot of misinformation. They have a lot of misgivings. In some occasions patients lack comprehension. Emotional influences play a part too. And a lot more.

Many patients do not understand how a physician arrives at his conclusions and also why physicians may advise different course of action for different patients with the same conditions. Also physicians and patients do not always take “shared decisions”.

One of the ways some patients take care of this is by way of “second opinions”. They go to another doctor and ask his opinion. There are a lot of issues surrounding this also. Sometimes physicians get offended. I see the trend that nowadays physicians themselves take “second opinions” transparently with the patient. Sometimes patients get more confused. Mostly “second opinions” work to the advantage of patients.

The following video is one of the best examples that I have come across in the space of “Social Media and Healthcare”. This video is about “Second Opinions”, “Shared decision making” and “Participatory medicine”.

I am sure this video will stand you in good stead on understanding “second opinions” and also about “Shared Decision Making”.

A real example of how Physicians can use Social Media for better healthcare.

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