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Incidentally this is my 100th post. But nothing to brag about it. Recently I posted Finally no excuses. That says that I am at it only now.

Working a little every day at my blog. There is no particular length of time that I devote for each day’s post. All I am trying is that I never drop the job. I am trying to adhere as my three meals a day!

Why be so drastic? Isn’t this too much in the midst of work? May be.

But I want to convert this into a reflex or something near to it. Automatic doing is the obvious goal. I feel that only as I draw near to it do I reap the huge rewards of learning, namely the economy of effort that true mastery brings.

Recently I read this quote(supposed to be that of Paderewski)

If I omit my practicing for one day, I know the difference. If I miss it for two days, the critics know it. And if for three days, the audience knows it.

Blogs may not be as demanding. Let me keep pounding. Stay tuned. I will be sharing a lot with you. Look forward to your participation by way of blog comments.

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