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Just before the Cricket World Cup 2011, a friend sent me a fb message as follows: (sharing a part of it)

A group of us are brainstorming ideas to kick-start a website on cricket (with more opinions on current games)…
It’s just an “idea” at this stage….

Are there any suggestions or ideas you may like to share with us, on how we could make this website unique and prominent?
We are thinking in the lines of having articles on recent games, and predictions on upcoming games…
We don’t want it to be basic like a blog, but something different, perhaps something unique!
If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to discuss these with me. Your inputs will be extremely valuable!!!!!
The key question to ask would be:
For instance, what would make a little boy like Sanjay (or older) visit this website….why would someone like yourself, or my dad or uncle visit this website?

I thought a lot about this but could not reply. But I thought I will attempt to answer this. Hence this blog.

See these discussions on various Social Media Networks as examples how the conversations happen. I believe such a collection of conversations with rich images and videos surrounding the current games which generally include anecdotes, personal experiences, opinions, statistics, inspirational quotes and politics of cricket would be a great place to visit. It inspires and teaches a lot. I come across innumerable comments with wit, pun and all kinds of emotions in almost all languages. They  are very interesting but difficult to share everything here. So sharing a few examples where I had participated or happened closer to me.

One of our school teachers (way back in the 80s) used to say if Newton’s Laws of motion are set to music by Illayaraaja then every one will remember them. Actually I believe something similar happened when Chikka did the following: (see how powerful that idea is?)

I am sharing the recorded rant of a 8 year old at home while watching a cricket match. Actually this was recorded to play pranks on him by my daughter and sharing this because of its originality. Those who cannot follow Tamizh conversations can skip the following audio clip. Others, time permitting, can hear it out for a smile….Smile

Cricket conversations while watching at home

Indians have two passions: Cricket and Films. Now everyone knows how they have converged with IPL. I heard some cinema theatres showed IPL during the last season.

Finally to answer my friend: I believe this space has a lot of scope for such ventures. I think a good research will throw up a lot of options. Further research should be done on how other games and their respective audiences are being engaged. Is there anything that we can imbibe or tweak and introduce that fits cricket—that would be a nice research. I am sure there would be lots of interesting answers. See my post on Futebol before the last world cup sharing my experiences.

On the lighter side, Cricket in a nut-shell: After all, it is the game where you have two sides—one out in the field and one out. Each man in the side that is in goes out and when is out he comes in and the next man goes in until he is out. When they are all out the side that is out comes in and the side that has been in goes out and tries to get those coming in out. That is the game in a nutshell.  (Source : “Stumped by cricket and Mandira” in T. Nagar Talk dated 25-31 March 2007 by K. Balakumar)

Another good speech around Cricket:  Late Lakshman Kadirgamar’s After-Dinner Speech OFF THE CUFF, In The UK, at which Sri Lankan Cricketers were present. This is not only for cricketers and politicians but for all.

One last ball sixer here : Anantapadmanabhachariar explained the Jeevatma-Paramatma concept in consonance with Visishtadvaita, with simple examples. Take his cricket simile, for example. The three stumps are the qualities of Satva, Rajo and Tamas. Ahankaram and mamakaram are the bails; punyam and paapam the two umpires, with the Lord Himself being the third umpire; the eleven fielders — the sum of the five karma indriyas, the five gnana indriyas and the mind (manas); the runs — one’s good deeds, with no balls and wides being the punyas one acquires unwittingly; the bat — the Sastras; and the ball — worldly pleasures. The batsman is the Jeevatma, who battles these odds with the guidance of the coach, in this case the Acharya!

There are a billion more…and one can write volumes….

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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