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I have been speaking on Cloud Computing concept and strategies with many tech companies looking for opportunities, corporate businesses and SMBs looking for adoption and also in many forums for promotion. I have always felt that the awareness is abysmally low across the board. This resonates in this article Cloud Computing: The Indian reality where the author says

“On one hand, many analysts agree that the cloud computing market in India will grow to over a billion dollars by 2015 and will see a CAGR of over 40 percent, others lament the relatively low adoption and lack of awareness about cloud computing.”

We founded CloudsDirect two years before and have been watching and contributing to this space from then on.

One of the note-worthy evangelist promotions called #CloudCamp, that I know of, had been kicked-off by Dave Nielsen with the help of other like-minded Indian friends in a few cities of India for Indian audience once in a year. This has happened two years in a row now and I have found a great improvement in enthusiasm from the attendees and the sponsors. I wrote about this #unconference style last year and did a post on #CloudCamp #Chennai this year which was conducted by Larry. People who come mostly to these #unconferences are still only tech enthusiasts. Very few business people come to attend general technology-update-meetings.

In fact just around when we started, launched their operations in India. We enrolled as their reselling partners and approached them with a unique idea of doing marketing road-shows throughout India  for different verticals of businesses and with the concept of Cloud promotion and specifically matching every vertical’s requirements to their product offerings. Though it did not happen, I found two years later that they are doing exactly that. I happened to see a program early this year titled  “C’ Level Executive event – Pharma Takes to the Cloud” by inviting Pharma companies in Delhi. I came to know of this as some of my industry friends forwarded the invitation and asked my opinion for attending the same.

Our Advisor and Cloud Analyst posted a nice article’s India Plans on the CRM history and trend in India a few months before launched in India. To quote the article and his opinion,

“But I like the fact that Salesforce is planning to take a crack at the untapped Indian market. I hope that they succeed in popularizing cloud computing in a country where broadband adoption is still dismal while mobile has been a runaway success. In fact, SaaS/Cloud Computing is better suited for India than the traditional software solutions. It will help Indian businesses, hampered by unreliable power and broadband infrastructure, to compete well in this global economy.”

Quoting Mr. Dasgupta’s article again, I believe this would surely happen:

“Thus, we will see an increasing trend where social media, location-aware services, real-time data feeds, micro-transactions, audio and video being pulled together harmoniously from the cloud to create “symphonies” on handheld devices. And India, with its volume-driven market, growing mobile-adoption, youth-oriented demographic and quick-adoption of technology, is perfectly poised to tune-into this music.”

I think there has to be more awareness camps and that should happen by selecting verticals and mapping the stories to their requirements.  We should promote cloud computing by quoting examples of a similar organisation that has capitalized on the technology and succeeding in other parts of the world.

Cloud Service Providers who want to concentrate on Indian market should join hands with consultants, vertical-wise Industry leaders, enthusiasts and promote such awareness camps by sponsoring rather than general advertising and each going on their own and detailing cloud computing as a technology which yet is not understood well as a concept.

Even in CloudCamp blog post, I had suggested this as

“More passionately, #cloudcamp for every vertical where cloud solutions with respect to that vertical get discussed.”

Let me end with some more good news: Cloud Computing gets the rank #1 for 2011 in Top 10 technology priorities as per Gartner Executive Programs Worldwide Survey.

Companies which invest in awareness and education today will have a distinct advantage when it will surge in the next few years. The kind of penetration such methodical programs, partnering consultants and industry leaders, can achieve will not only help in Brand penetration and recall but also in understanding the Indian customers and hence watching the trend and fine-tuning for success in the Cloud space.

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  1. Cloud computing has become one of the best improvements in the field of technology and is being embraced all over the world, including India. Thanks a ton for this informative article.

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