The Samsung Galaxy 551 I5510 Nightmare

24th December 2010 : A friend suggested:

In case, if you want an Android phone with good features, check this out:

I read about the phone and found the features good and bought the above through

It arrived on time from flipkart and the nightmare started. From day 1, the wifi did not connect properly. I called flipkart and they told me that I have to go to a Samsung Service centre and get a “dead on arrival” certificate for them to replace it. Nothing more they could do. The samsung service centre told me that they cannot give such certificate unless the phone is “dead on arrival” literally. So I gave it for service. I gave it for service. I gave it for service. Three times in 3 months.

Contrary to the following claims,

The 1200mAh battery supports the applications, talktime needs upto 9 hours on 2G networks and 5 hours on 3G networks, and Stereo FM with RDS

Battery drains in a few hours. with 50% battery on silent mode with all applications on OFF mode and a screen which is OFF the battery doesnt last till morning and the phone is dead. We are not talking about talktime here.

From Jan to till date, the problems remain the same with no answers. I have been in touch with Samsung through their India twitter account (@samsung_mobiles) (my next post is going to be @samsung_mobiles experience as a case-study on social media tools), email and their service centres. This is the gist. My full communication to them, on their advice to write to them by email about my experience, goes as follows: (sent on April 2, 2011).

Further to my twitter chat with Samsung_mobiles, I am sending you my bad experience with the samsung mobile I5510 in this mail:

From Jan to So Far:

Complaint number: 8419568369 Varadharajan(see below mail of samsung but someone called and asked me to give it to service centre)

Customer Service Job sheet service Numbers: at Quadpro technologies Chennai: 3185, 3322, 3856 with the same complaints of WIFI NOT WORKING AND BATTERY DRAINING FAST. 3 TIMES IN 2 MONTHS AND NOT RECTIFIED.

Files attached: Discussions with Samsung_mobiles from Jan to So Far.

Now rest of story:

1. I bought it through closer to the New Year 2011.

2. I complained in Jan itself about that not working properly to flipkart who directed me to Samsung customer centre. I registered a complaint with number 8419568369

3. I also initiated a chat with samsung_mobiles on twitter.

4. I was directed to customer centre.

5. I went to customer centre and they updated software 2 times and the result was the same that the wifi did not properly work and battery was draining.

6. I found out that after software update they were returning the phone even without checking the wifi as they hv no wifi at that centre to check(how can this happen?) and hence gave it a third time for service and it started working. Again in a few days, wifi stopped working.

7. 3 times running to the service centre up and down in this traffic with no parking near your service centre and being without the phone for few days every time and loosing all data and applications every time I gave— all this had been taking too much of toll on me. Further it is still not rectified. Wifi is not connecting well or not at all connecting at times and battery is draining too soon with WIFI OFF and GPS OFF, Bluetooth OFF and most applications are on OFF mode. Even when there is slight green indicator showing on battery, when on silent mode through the night with screen OFF it dies by the morning automatically.

8. The service numbers at your customer service centre are given above

Let me know what should I do. Its a pain to run to your centre every time with no parking facilities anywhere nearby and on a main road.

I have spent so much time complaining but little has been done by Samsung India. Can you just replace my phone with a new one please with warranty?

This post is basically to warn you about Samsung Service and to avoid a similar experience for others.

The @samsung_mobiles experience and Social Media Case-Study could be very interesting to read and learn for you. Stay Tuned for that post.

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  1. thanks for the info, was thinking of buying with a samsung phone through flipkart, bt wont…

    Instead, i will check it from local dealer & then only buy.,..

    I had the service centre experience of theirs & these people r really pathetic…

  2. Hi Prajwal, Thanks for your comment. My intention is exactly that: to help those who are planning to buy either this model or from flipkart to make informed decisions.

  3. i Was just about to buy galaxy 551…but a last minute change of mind, and i got galasy far good..including wifi..but battery ofcourse..not that gr8..i do have a check on my running apps..and gprs ofcourse..waiting for 2.2 official release..

  4. @krishna ts Nice to know. thanks for your feedback.

  5. Hi Varadh,

    How true of these MNCs who use top stars in their advertisements to lure people like us !! By the way I had similar problems in Blackberry Storm 2 but I wrote thousands of emails and made many calls and smses to their top bosses in India and finally a small one liner email that you are not listening to me and I have enough now to nail in Consumer court — Pat came response and they changed the phone set with new different model as I never wanted that Shitty Black berry Storm 2

    Sue them buddy !!

    Amit Chadah

  6. Hi Amit
    Thanks. Thanks for sharing and suggestion. Yeah sometimes we hv to use that extra energy to nail them to get things done.

  7. Hey thanks a lot for sharing this. I thought of buying this phone for my birthday exactly the way u did from flip kart but now i guess i’ll buy it from a mobile store thanks man

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