Real Spoiler

When it comes to spelling mistakes, I remember my school teacher. When a student asked how he was able to detect the only one spelling mistake in a whole paper at the first look and at first glance, he would say, “oh! thats easy. Words call out, “I am here. I am here”. Words are begging to be corrected”. When I look at kids home work or projects or school papers and find out spelling mistakes, my kids ask me the same question. How are you able to see that one mistake before everything else? I tell them my teacher’s answer.

This has made me attempt to correct my own spelling mistakes. But in this age of auto correction and sms lingo and acronyms for even normal talk, spellings seem like a thing pushed to the attic.

Now to brass tacks. I along with my wife visited a few showrooms with the intention of changing our car. We collected a lot of brochures and we are going through them this morning to make a decision. I was explaining the difference between two variants in a popular car and found that spelling mistake(see picture). Now my wife asks me, “what if it happens in their car?”. Good Question. I checked out their e-brochure online and it has the same mistake. I called up their customer care and asked them and they say it is a “spelling mistake”. I told them to take care.

Spelling mistakes are not ok especially if you are a brand and dont want to answer such questions of customers. Spelling mistakes are real spoilers.

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