3 Kinds Of Social Media Ignorance

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After asking 5 questions towards a Social Media Strategy, I happened to discuss three kinds of scenarios where businesses fail to capitalize on the Social Media Strategy.

1. Some people are yet to realize the importance of Social Media for their business or have false objections as I described in this post as follows:

they often say, “who has the time for such stuff?”, “Looks interesting, but I have no time for anything”, “It is good but I may not have time for follow-up”, “Don’t have time for all these online stuff”.

Such people ignore Social Media.

2. People who use it doubtfully or start half-heartedly but do not allocate resources or do not align their objectives etc. and in due course give-up and blame that it is a hype or claim that it does not suit their kind of business.

Such people have not understood Social Media in proper perspective.

3. People who misunderstand and use it wrongly and get bad results.

Such people use short-cuts and have not done due-diligence or have not taken help to use Social Media in the proper way.

While considering the benefits of Social Media Strategy, it becomes important to dispel all the above to enjoy the benefits of Social Media strategy in a meaningful way for the business.

What do you think? Are there more categories in this list? Share them freely.

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