Understanding Results And Being Prepared

All of us work very hard. All of us work towards some goals. We are sure of the goals and the time it takes to achieve them. We also are aware of the steps to go or to be taken before we arrive at the results. So we are ready for the whole thing. But sometimes the results come faster and on their own(by circumstances let us say for example). Why and How it happens depends on individual cases. But the objective of the post is to caution people about getting results faster and being prepared to accept the results when it comes our way.

A simple analogy I use is a boy looking at a fruit on a tree. It is high up in one of the branches. The boy gets ready to climb up and makes his elaborate strategy. But by chance, a bird sitting there might make the fruit land in his hand. Will he still climb because he had planned and his strategy would go waste?

Dont you think that sometimes we are not prepared to accept results and still slog?

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