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I have been part of #sbuzz, A Startup Chat, with many participants from all over India. It is being held on every Wednesday between 7 and 8pm. The topics are generally posted in facebook page and/or tweeted with the hashtag #sbuzz. Then the topic is discussed and decided. I should say that #sbuzz is growing both in participation numbers and the useful contributions. The members have started feeling that it is worth spending that one-hour time every week to know and discuss the views of many which come with different perspectives. Networking among members is another key feature.

The format is free for all. It means anyone can post comments and questions with the hashtag #sbuzz and anyone who wants to can reply. Its mostly many to many during the chat hour.

Invitation to experts: If you know experts of a topic, please invite them during the relevant topic and members of the chat can be benefitted by their expert comments. But please inform about the guest and their background so that enough respect can be given and also members can ask more questions and make use of the expert’s presence that day. We can also try to submit questions in advance so that the expert can answer efficiently.

Moderators: If you have some experience in moderating the chat and want to do it, you are always welcome.

The process of archiving chats is being done by a group member. Archived chats are helpful in many ways including promotion of members, their links and becomes a good resource for the future.

Some Twitter Chat Tools that I have tried are TweetChat, Monitter, TweetGrid, twubs, tweetree. Check them out yourself.

If you are a startup or thinking of one in India and want to meet new people, increase your influence and learn more on a topic with a lot of perspectives, Welcome to #sbuzz.

What: #sbuzz

Where: Twitter

When: Wednesday, 7-8pm IST

Don’t forget to include #sbuzz at the end of your tweets.

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  1. well written. Will share with others 🙂

  2. @Prajyot Thanks for the nice words.

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