2012: The Year Of Everyday Altruism

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So Far

In 2011, I bought a samsung phone, a few books, a few gifts thanks to the recommendations in Social Networking sites. I bought them and so many other things, online. I got in touch with a few specialist doctors for their opinion for my friends conditions and that stood them in good stead. I learnt a lot on subjects like Cloud-Computing, Social Media, New trends in Pharma thanks to updates and shared links in many networks. My daughter improved her English and thinking, through her blog posts. My son is getting the hang of it.

Friends and Status Updates

I have been in touch with a bunch of my friends across the world in a non-intrusive way thanks to our status updates. When we met occasionally in person, the connection was wonderful thanks to being up-to-date. A good positive update from a friend or a business associate, on a bad day, can do wonders. The update even need not be anything to do with me. The fact that I am reading a positive update lifts me on a hard day and gives me a sense of direction. Words are inadequate to share how my friends got back to me and strengthened my life thanks to Social Media sharing.


I have argued sometimes and that has only made my thinking better. The guilt of spending mindless time on internet goes away the moment I make good conversations. So I concentrate on improving my conversations. I remember the words from Brian Knutson: “Survival of the focused”.


I got in touch with new partnerships, new business associates, new mentors, new assignments thanks to relationships built on social networking sites. I graduated from one-sided conversations to real conversations. My Social Media learning curve seems to stand by my side serving my objectives both personally and professionally.

Why Should Anyone Be Interested In What You Say has been my theme and answer to those who ask me about the usefulness of social media conversations.

I have met people who denounce that Social Media is just a hype and I request them to go back to their faxes instead of email and they are silent as they understand that it is not an option even. Hence the post 3 Kinds Of Social Media Ignorance.

I have a lot of plans for 2012. I am calling it “2012: The Year Of Everyday Altruism”. Stay tuned and read them in your email inbox. Look forward to a lot of productive conversations in the coming year.

Is Social Media a Hype? How do you use Social Media? Has your engagement in social media been in positive direction? If not, let us see if we can discuss and learn more. Feel free to share.

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  1. Great points made there, Varadh. Indeed, spending time constructively on the net (especially social media) adds a lot of value to us. We think better, connect with knowledgeable people and expand our horizons.

    Nice to hear your kids are getting the hang of blogs now itself…

  2. Thanks Vishal for your nice words. True,SM is a tool and can be used very constructively. I let my kids explore in a positive way. Thanks again for your comments.

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