Cloud Computing and You : Part 1: A Competitive Edge In Your Professional Life



Most of us have now settled down with the idea that we dont need to be in office just to take a phone call or to call someone. When we talk from our mobile, location makes little difference to the call(except other than situations like when we are in a noisy place, bad connectivity or driving). By and large, even for conference calls, this holds good.

Is the same possible for entire activities that you do at your office? Yes, I think so after having done it myself in the last 2-3 years and completely feeling at ease with that. Work nowadays is more a set of activities rather than a location. Looks a dreamy wish? No more, now it is very much possible thanks to the new IT concept called as Cloud Computing.

Generally people can relate to location-independent work when it comes to replying quickly by email with a few lines. But today, outside of your office, you can do everything the same way as you would do it in your office including collaboration in real-time. This just needs a small tech shift and a bigger mind-set shift. Once you know the productivity side of it and start using it, there is no going back.


Connectivity fundamentally changes the way customers view us vis-a-vis competition. Without much effort, you can distinctly achieve two(just as examples) of the biggest goals of professional life with your customers: their top-of-the-mind-recall and the advantage of getting the opportunity much before the market, even if, sometimes, it means just the first choice of refusal. This happens because you can do your work and can answer independent of location and also independent of machine. This will also contribute to feeding your network with good opportunities ahead of traditional reach and in turn will build a strong network within your domain of activity.

Since you can let your customers come to you not only for what you can do but also to participate with them to think aloud, refer them immediately in a relevant way by connecting yourself with the wealth of information/resources that you carry on Cloud and cater to them personally anytime, you can achieve much more with reduced trips to customer places in a way they do not feel your reduced physical trips but making them feel that you are closer to them than the guy who visits them the most number of times.


Not only your efficiency, Cloud will help you increase every one’s efficiency in your sphere of activity. How does that happen? Every competitor of yours has the same kind of data(probably even more) but they may not be connected to their data like you do. Your data travels with you and works for you. Time factor and probability of sure-shot answers will compel customers give you the choice of first refusal before they go to anyone. And slowly but surely you can capitalize on this as an opportunity.


What used to be hours of lost time for productivity at work while being away from office has been taken off with one switch to Cloud Computing. You can also quantify this value addition.

As of today, Cloud is a competitive advantage and I think, sooner, will become the norm. Dont wait to follow the norm, make it your competitive edge today.

Check what stops you from using this competitive edge discussed here and feel free to comment here.

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