Cloud Computing and You : Part 2 : A Boon In Your Personal Life


Cloud Allows Organization
With increasing convergence in smartphones and the possibilities of keeping a handy tablet and other devices with good connectivity by your side, Cloud is a big blessing. Many a times we lack info-where-n-when-we-want-it and hence have to postpone work which creates communication gaps and affects productivity of others. In this age of increased work hours, Cloud could be of help not to compromise on personal and social life. You can organize them so nicely not to miss out on both professional and personal lives.
For example, being based out of India, co-working with professionals from China, Brasil and US needs one to be available at various points of time through the working day and be available to reply, chat and help the work-flow happen all the time. So instead of a continuous 8 or 10 hours of work, it can be split by spacing it with your personal time. You can plan to work from wherever you are and schedule them accordingly. In such a situation, it is important that your data travels with you and accessible all the time. This makes a huge difference to your personal and professional lives. You need not miss your personal stuff completely and at the same time productivity at work is ensured. Such a combination actually makes you more efficient and also helps add more productivity to your work. It works the other way also. Being at your work place, you can take small breaks and spend personal time with all your info on the Cloud.

Helping With HomeWork from A Distant City
Even for personal use, storing your documents, music, photos, contacts and retrieving them immediately from the cloud helps you. The other day, at my daughter’s music class, the teacher wanted a recorded copy of a sloka that she taught one year ago. Then and there, I just downloaded the same and shared it with her and the happiness was visible. Many a times, I am able to help my daughter in real time from a distant city. More friends start buzzing me often as a ready reckoner and this helps being in touch with everyone as the conversations tend to keep me updated and helps in networking efficiently. I have seen people wonder at the new efficiency.

In a nut-shell, you need not choose work or family time and now can manage both well with the freedom that Cloud Computing offers. That eluding perfect balance of work and family is no more a dream. But a dream come true with Cloud Computing.

What do you think of this new kind of Freedom?

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