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I attended a conference on Cyber Security at IITM organized by Cyber Society of India.

The conference had a good dose of banking sector representation and related discussions as it is one of the fastest growing areas for internet usage and also for cyber crimes.

Everyone is using a computer be it government or corporates. We have got to live with computers and no going back on it.

Awareness is the first step and hence education about cyber security is key.

At least one should be aware of basics and take care of basics. Basics include not responding to unknown emails and sms. One should avoid sharing password with others. Basics include responsible browsing.

One needs to be careful in creditcard swiping. A simple list of 1,2,3,4…should be learnt and done.

KYC(know your customer/client) norms: A good system but neither banks nor the customer seems to have taken this seriously. With the lack of effective KYC, law enforcement agencies many a times draw a blank after a point in pursing a case after the crime happens.

We cannot blankly follow other countries.

Carelessness on the part of user has been found to be(as in everything else) the key factor in breach of cyber security also.

The conference had other interesting sessions on Network Security, Data Security and ITAA 2008 Act and a good debate on Ethical Hacking. Stay tuned for further basic posts on these. Read them in your email inbox .

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