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I listened today to the recording of a webinar by Chris Brogan on “Google Plus For Business.” Human Business Works was kind enough to share the recorded version. Thanks, Rob!

I got into Google Plus when it was only by invitation and did some great HangOut sessions with friends. After that, sort of, I did not explore and that sounds as a mistake after hearing this webinar.

Let me share with you the areas that you need to explore in Google Plus to choose ways of using it well.

Spend time and make a good Profile.

Find People and add them.

Learn about Circles Management in Google Plus.

Explore and use HangOut. My 3 votes goes to this. Both Video and Audio.

Learn Shortcut keys for faster navigation.

Learn about “Mute the post” feature not to overload yourself.

Finally set your choices with Google+ Settings.

I am exploring and enjoying. Hope to be in your circle and hope to have you in my circle.

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