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As a working adult, for many, the personal and professional lives become almost one. Or at least there is no strict demarcation of the two. So how does Social Media  empower our personal and professional lives?

I am always asked if anyone will be interested to know what I do or if I am interested in what they do. Surprisingly the answer to both is a big YES. The truth is that a lot of people follow, comment and participate at a personal level be it suggesting a book or about where to eat or go in a particular city or town. Throughout my career so far, I have always had conversation which is a mix of personal and professional matters. When we strike a conversation with a customer, sometimes the whole conversation becomes personal and later ends with the intended professional talk. Sometimes you call a friend and get off to discuss some subject and it becomes a professional talk with lots of results.

Social Media is people talking to people. The beauty of being connected with friends, family and other professionals through Social Media is that it is not limited by geography or time-zones. So the regular norm of “people talking to people” just got amplified by social media tools.

Social Media Empowers

Social Media equips us or enables us to fulfill the need to contribute, the need to be guided, the need to converse, the need to feel wanted etc., be it personal or professional. Personally you can use social media tools to  keep in touch with friends and relatives, to keep yourself updated with news, to get new like-minded friends etc… Professionally it could be used to improve your visibility, to see if you can open up new selling channels, to communicate about what you do, to reach new markets and to collaborate with industry activities. Professionally long after you post things, the content keeps working for you and you get results. It is cost effective way of top-of-mind-recall for you and your brand. If you create content in a focussed manner, you can use the same to answer customer queries, you can use it when you are invited for a speech on such subjects or while conducting a workshop series. In today’s world it enhances your brand image also.

Even In Social Activism

Today we are increasingly seeing that Social Media tools are being used in social activism. We have examples from recent Egyptian uprising. Revolt does not happen because of social media, it is just that revolt happens faster with social media tools being used in such activism. For example, organizing a protest needs a lot of communication and gets easier with social media tools. When there is a spread of misinformation, social media tools give ample power to set them right with mass communication. Social media tools make it possible for lots of information to travel much faster and hence the stance of authorities might get closer to reality and truth. Social Media makes it possible to measure the reach and influence and hence plays a vital role in how things shape up.

I feel empowered with social media tools in both personal and professional lives. Most of the things I shared here work well with me. What is your success with social media? Or where do you think you did not succeed? Feel free to share them here.


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