Where Do You Work?

During early 90s when I was a representative and travelling, it was a common practice that my fellow passengers would strike a conversation.

A bus travel from Pollachi to Coimbatore, the conversations typically used to go like this:

Fellow-Passenger: Are you from Pollachi?

Me: No

FP: Where are you from?

me: Srirangam

FP: Are you on a visit?

Me: No, I work here.

FP: Which company?

Me: Aristo Pharmaceuticals

FP: Where is the office located?

Me: Mumbai but we have a branch at Chennai.

FP: But you said you are working here?

Me: Yeah I work here.

I generally try to explain the job of a representative and the fact our HQ is in Mumbai and our branch office in Chennai and that I am based out of Pollachi visiting doctors in the entire district and we dont have an office. We have distributors but that is not our office and that I dont work there. Generally the conversations stop there and they dont talk to me for the rest of the journey. Initially I used to feel very uncomfortable that I could not explain my representative job to such a small-town-guy in a language he can understand, but over time, I got used to it.

Surprisingly a similar kind of experience I am having now in 2011 “working on the internet” and answering people on what I do and where my office is or is not.

So Where Do You Work?

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  1. Just another thought. Working from home is often looked as “having a lot of free time” or “no work”.

  2. Hi Sriram, true, there are people who are uninitiated and think so still. working on the internet is the same whether you do it at office or at home or wherever you are. Today a situation has come where people are neither at home nor at office but “working on the internet” all the time. Imagine offices without internet and does it mean a “lot of work” still? so without internet it is “no work” be it home or office.
    Thanks for your comments.

  3. I loved the way you broke things down into logical steps!Finance Resume Templates

  4. Thanks Bose.

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