Why Should Anyone Be Interested In What You say

Today a friend asked me why should what he has to say through social media tools interest anyone…a good question.

In traditional world people call you and check with you when
1. They know your expertise and know that you are the most updated on a given subject.
2. When what you say/comment/advise is useful to them.
3. When they know you enjoy such discussions either in your professional capacity or personally.
All these attract people to come to you and initiate conversations.
Social Media tools allow you to have more such conversations and the usefulness of your conversations get amplified. You also get more questions and get more thorough with your subject. Over time, your sharpness increases.
With Social Media tools you can allow people to come to you by sharing such things on your own.
My answer always revolve around the definition that Social Media is a productive tool for conversations. My friend seemed convinced.
How about you? Are you convinced? If not let us continue to dig more. Feel free to converse.

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  1. My thought: Social Media is being accessed by people from all walks of life and people with different perspectives. When a subject is being discussed at a forum, you have a higher possibility of arriving at a logical conclusion. More importantly, anyone can correct / clarify any suggestions posted, which is welcome / healthy in such discussions.

  2. True Sriram. Thanks for sharing.

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