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As I keep talking about futuristic solutions to business owners, I find that it brings about a lot of cultural changes and the biggest challenge is in adjusting to this new change. Training people to adapt to these changes is a necessity and challenge.
The best way to change is not stopping what you are doing, but to start doing new things.

Suppose you are holding a weak branch of a tree and hanging. You are aware that is the only source of survival. You are also aware that the branch is not very strong. It may not let you hold it  long enough to survive. Naturally you will only look for a near-by strong branch to shift.

Imagine your systems/habits to be the branch that you are holding. If you understand its a weak system/habit and not contributing towards your objectives, you should move to better/stronger systems/habits for survival.

The key is not to think about leaving the old habit/system. But to think about catching the new one. The moment you catch the new one, the old would have left automatically. The issue of thinking about leaving the old habit/system is that it hinders the process of change.

I have read about this experiment somewhere in the past. The experiment was about power of words and habits. The experiment was done with two sets of kids. The kids were on a branch of tree and with the fear of falling instilled, the parents were asked to instruct the child to move them to safety. The first set of children were instructed first to move to a stronger branch. The second set of children were first cautioned not to leave the branch and then were instructed to move to a stronger branch. Obviously, the first group did much better than the second.

So my advise to do better, be it life or business, is to catch a new better, stronger branch of tree if you feel the one you are holding is not up to your expectation.

How have you changed your systems/habits? What are the new changes that you recently brought in? How did you do them? Feel free to share.

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