I Am Doing This For That

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We are full of activities. Various kinds of activities. We do every activity with a lot of expectations. Activities bring both success and failure.

I am doing this for that

This is a common statement anyone can understand. Isn’t it? In all walks of life, we are familiar with the meaning of this. Such a simple thing.

Wait, let us dissect this and see.

We have seen people who say “I am doing this for that” and “do” only when “that” is fulfilled. A typical reaction from the other person would be “Let me see what your “doing” is”. A tug-of-war ensues when you insist “for that”. Not many are successful with this approach with obvious exceptions of choicelessness of the buyer. A lot of our activities fall under this category. Its a typical WIIFM(whats-in-it-for-me kind) on both sides.

I am doing this

There are activities that people do where the stress is not on “for that” but “I am doing this” becomes important. Examples include all kinds of egoistic activities. Sometimes even what we do for our kids come under this category. The extension of “for and with whom” depends on the individual. But the stress is on the “I” factor.

Doing This

These are activities that you simply do. Not necessarily “for that”. Not necessarily insisting “I am doing”. The examples are plenty. The most common examples are those passionate activities which individuals do. Just-do-it kind.

Our activities are generally a mix of these. Sometimes they are in right place and perspective. Sometimes a mis-match.

Apply and categorize every activity of yours and see how it looks and where you stand. This applies to all walks of life.

Now, Is there a lesson here for New Age Marketers? Can you extend this to your Marketing? I think so.

A Way of Marketing

Today there are great tools for showcasing and conversing with your market thanks to Social Media. I stand by my theme that Social Media is people talking to people. Today you can convey your “I am doing this for that” briilliantly. From Sell, Sell, Sell to Give, Give, Give and making the sale look incidental.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to share.

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