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Designing a Social Business
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Last Few Years
I have been on a learning curve. Learning two futuristic things: Cloud Computing and Social Media. In the last few years, I have met many business owners and have discussed these two topics. I have learnt how this impacts a business in all its entirety. These two are increasingly becoming significant to business owners. I have understood Cloud Computing better from a user/business point of view. I have developed a good network of specialists of Cloud Computing to supplement. I have focused my learning on Social Media integration with business objectives. My consulting assignments have been on Building Trust on your Brands using the tools of Social Media and on Productivity of Cloud Computing(APPU). I am taking a closer look on Big Data and What They Can Do.
My Next Level
My next level is talking about the Big Picture: How to grow your business using the Social and Collaboration technologies coming into your organization. My next big task would be to map newer models which capture this big picture to propel growth. I would like that this new integration models of mine convinces and gets all the 3 votes needed within an organisation viz., the CEO(operations), the CFO(finance) and the CTO/CIO(technologist). Business that is connected and involves all stakeholders and the models that cater to such integration is the key to the future. More importantly to make an organization see the opportunities of business that this integration brings.
The single theme, canvas or purpose for all technologies/models is being connected for business growth. This will be my next level.
If you have questions on this big picture for your organization, feel free to buzz me. I will be happy to discuss.

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got quite the challenge ahead. Speaking from all three perspectives is definitely something that needs to happen, and yet, most professionals tend to be very heavy in one direction and not another. I’m also interested why you didn’t mention the CMO, where most organizations consider the purview of social media to be a marketing function. Do you see that differently? Just curious.

  2. Hi Chris, Thats Big. I mean your comments for me. 1. yes most professionals think one-dimensional and sequential. 2. The secret is to think “simultaneous” and “Integrate” towards business objectives. Your comment is another proof/validation for my thought. 3. I meant Marketing.CEO handles it(business operations synonymous to marketing) or it comes under his purview. CFO and CTO/CIO gets an individual vote of same weightage for decision making. 4. I always recommend three votes for any decision making within the business. Thanks once again for your time and comments.

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