Secret Is What Is Known Well


There is so much of talk about Entrepreneurship and passion and it is still a dream for many. Is doing something called passion? Then, when we hear someone say “he does it passionately”, what is that? So we understand that there are two things “doing” and “passionately doing”.

A mother. Her son in is a faraway country. She keeps thinking of him. She loves him. He has promised to visit during the festive season. As the season approaches, her expectation/interest grows. Just before the season, due to some reasons, he could not come. He communicates the same to his mother. When her expectations are broken, she becomes emotional. Such a worldly relationship gives you love, expectations and emotions. This can be seen all over. I should say that this can be seen even with animals. A neighbour’s son is also in a faraway country. But this lady is not worried or anxious about the neighbour’s son. So, as long as you do not think it is yours, you don’t get the passion. Simply said, only when you think of something as yours, you get that passion. So the key to passion is the thinking that it is yours.

You love because its your own. Expectations because of and with respect to time. Emotion when it doesnt happen or even when that happens. This is called passion.

If you keep the same passion on your business or work, it is passionate work. If you keep this about everything in life, you are living life passionately. So, that love for what you do, in all spheres of life, is the key.  With your love for what you do, you find love everywhere. Your world becomes lovely.

Living Life,Work, Business-everything will remain as mere routines unless you get this passion into them. You can decide whether you have to live your life with mere words or make it passionate.

Secret of Success

If you work with passion, even if you don’t achieve the expected results, your work itself will make you happy. If you don’t work with passion, whatever results you achieve will still not bring in the happiness you seek. This is the secret. Secret is what is known well and not practiced as contrary to the popular belief that it is something known only to a few. More so, in this digital era. It is practiced only by a few and hence secret is known only to a few. Practice is the key to the secret of success.

Towards passionately practicing this secret I am currently doing My #12in12 For January 2012.

How about you? What is your definition of passion? How did your NewYear start? Feel free to share.

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  1. Have not seen a simpler explanation for this….great analogy !

  2. Thanks for your words…

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