Social Media And Its Impact On Marketing

Be it personal or professional lives, the interest in Social Media tools has been on the rise. I have been blogging to share my ideas with more number of people. I have also been speaking at seminars and through webinars. A lot of people are using Social Media tools but find it difficult to navigate when it comes to a brand or business. I have been concentrating on the theme of business with social media tools and trying to help from hand-holding to self-sufficiency. My approach to Social Media is slightly different and it is more towards defining it as “connecting to people with objectives through a strategy using technology”.

I am sharing a recorded version of one of my recent webinars. Listen to it and let me know your comments.

Social Media and Its Impact on Marketing from Varadharajan Krishnamoorthy on Vimeo.
This is a recorded webinar on Social Media and Its Impact on Marketing.

You can have a quick glance at the slidesĀ here.

If you need a seminar/webinar/workshop customized to your industry/business or further want to talk to me on effective Social Media strategies for your business objectives, feel free to contact me here. I will be happy to help.

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