My #12in12 for February 2012

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Last month I shared My #12in12 for January 2012.

I think I fairly did a good job about it. Excepting 3-4 days, I have been getting up before 5am. After first few initial days, my biological clock had started working and has been waking me up. Though I still use my alarm clock, even before it rings, I stir and I know that its my internal clock waking me up. Since I am up before 5am, when I call someone at 8am I forget that it is too early. There is a good improvement in how I tick-off my to-do lists on a daily basis. Post-lunch is a little bit difficult period. But I make it a point to do small errands so that I do not doze off on my work table or while someone is talking. I have made changes to my food habits and time of eating to suit the new style. Looks a bit more healthy. I intend to continue it.

My #12in12 for February 2012

This is my 22nd year of work after graduating out of college. I have met many good people. A lot of people have contributed to my learning and growth. I have learnt to like and dislike people seeing them up closely. Both has contributed to shape me up. I have tried to be in touch with many of them over the years. But the hectic life we live sometimes takes a toll on relationships.

I intend to check, this month, my list of known people from the past and try to touch base with some of them for an update. I will start with people with whom I have not spoken to in the last 2 years or so. I will try at least one contact per day. I may have an old email of theirs or a contact number or they might be in one of the social networks that I am in. I will dig out, check around and reach them to say “hello”.  Let me think through this. Let me try this. Let this be my #12in12 for February 2012. I will share with you my experience on the last day of February when this ends.

What about you? What did you do or not do in January? Its never late. You can start any time and can read about the concept of 12 in 12 here.

Feel free to share your comments.

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