Build Your Brand Series: Social Media Strategy For An Educational Instituition

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I met an old time friend recently. We were buddies during our representative days. He has been a super salesman and my admiration for him still holds good. He is currently running a management training institute/business school. I like what he does because it is so different with lots of value for students. Value for money. I like their concept. Our discussion proceeded towards devising a social media strategy for them.
While talking to them, I understood that they are very confused about #socialmedia. They are looking for “quick growth” (that which would fix their monthly goals). Looks natural to me. I shared the basics of Social Media with them.

Situation: They are a management training institute. They are trying to reach prospective students and their goal is to promote the courses they have, detailing their uniqueness, which will benefit students. They have the uniqueness where students will get to work while studying, get international exposure and finally get good placements.
I am extremely happy that they are very clear about goals.

My point of view is as follows:

  • Do some research and find out where are the students online today.
  • Use #socialmedia tools to find conversations of such kind among students and, may be, among parents.
  • Find what kind of topics students are discussing. 
  • Check what their online social orientations are. See how they are using online social tools towards their decision making. 
  • See who are the influencers for them. See who they trust and listen to. Also see if other successful students are influencing them. 

You can do these research with in-house people or use a consultant who can assist you doing it. Once you have these findings, formulate your action plan. Such an action plan will lead you to your well-informed marketing efforts. Then do your homework on #socialmedia tools, learn the best practices and use them towards your objectives. I am sure the learning curve would be steep but you are sure to arrive with a good #socialmedia strategy and results.
Let me know what you think. Feel free to question.
You think your situation is different? Want to talk about it? I will be happy to talk to you. Buzz me here.

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