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My recent post Marketing a product: Is that an opportunity? has elicited good response. A lot of people have sent me emails with their comments discussing individually their own experiences with specific details of the company and relevance to the post. Some have been skeptical on this idea and have explained what they tried along these lines and why it did not work. There are people who have extended my thoughts and there are those who had agreed verbatim. 
One reason I see that people send me comments by email is to share specifics with me to take the discussions forward. I welcome that. But I also think the generic discussions will help other readers if you comment on the post itself. 

Long back I posted Blog Comments: The why and how. Take a look to see if that is valid. Let me know what else will encourage this trend.

Thanks one and all for the time taken to send your comments and taking the discussions forward in a more specific manner. Nothing motivates me as good as your comments and participation. Keep them coming.
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