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Nothing says FUN like Math 'n' Stuff.
Nothing says FUN like Math ‘n’ Stuff. (Photo credit: Divine Harvester)

As a small boy, I had visited our regular store whenever my mom sent me over there to buy stuff. While the man packed efficiently, he would tell us the rate per kilo and expect us to calculate by mental maths and would tease us for not being fast. We always wondered how he had things at his fingertips to the last paise, whatever the variations were and how many ever customers stood in his shop. These vendors inspired our mental maths abilities. I am sure he just had his primary education.

In later years, I used to see his son who is elder to us and studied till pre-university use a paper and pen to calculate and give the customers the chit to verify.

Today I saw his grandson (whom I understand has just finished his college Engineering education) at the shop using a calculator to do the same simple addition or subtraction.

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  1. 10-15 years (or so) before, someone told me that if we are 50% of what our father was at this time, we can consider ourselves to be successful. We aren’t.

  2. That will be true for any generation. I think the answer lies more on what aspects it is. If those aspects are irreducible fundamentals then we loose. Otherwise it should be ok to move on. Thats what I think.

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