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Online Marketing

Is your company doing online Marketing? Today lots of online marketing initiatives are available. 
Search Marketing(Search Engine Marketing or SEM) is the process of gaining traffic from visibility on search engines. To gain better visibility, techniques which involve search engine optimization(SEO) which ranks you better than your competitors are done. This is a good strategy when you consider internet as a medium of information alone.
People do search marketing and email newsletters using distribution lists. Few people have gone beyond this. 
What Is New
Today so much of information is available on the internet. A customer can get to them easily. Customers just do not trust information unless they get it validated with peers. Today people talk to each other about the information they find.  Customers also check reviews of the products. They check for endorsements and also for negative comments, if any. Customers also pass on information to their peers. They do this using social networking tools. So internet has become social too. Hence it is better to consider social media optimization and include social media marketing.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing is the process of promoting yourself to different online communities. The dynamics are very different from traditional marketing. Here you will be talking to a collective community and they will also talk among themselves. Hence it involves listening to them in a better way and building relationships. Such listening will help you to respond well, learn new information and using it positively. Social Media Marketing works better only when you gain trust and gain endorsement of the people within the communities. Social Media Marketing not only helps in terms of search marketing but also gives you the benefit of endorsement and earns trust and immediate relationships across communities in the internet world.
Social Media Marketing is a cheaper and good alternative to traditional marketing. To get high returns, you need to learn the rules of engagement in this new media, participate within communities and use the emerging trends to your advantage. You need to work sincerely with human interactions and conversations and create a positive expression for your company, product and service. Focused effort and persistence will quickly get you good returns from Social Media Marketing.

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