The Only Way To Propel Your Company

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Is your company restrictive at work place?  Time to question Why spend time and money on restrictive policies?
Being connected 24×7 is the norm today. Younger generation bring gadgets and use social networking tools at the workplace, whether you like it or not. While you can restrict them from using official resources for such personal networking, you cannot prevent them from using their personal gadgets and discussing official things. Within colleagues of the same organization, to do their job better, work effectively, to cut time and location issues, they tend to discuss official matters using personal gadgets or using social platforms, especially when there is no official platform to collaborate. This exposes companies to the damage from content outside of their control and processes. Added to that, when the employees leave the organization, all the content created thus is lost and creates huge communication gaps. This creates great loss with time, energy and money.
Think about it.
If you don’t embrace it officially, people will use it unofficially. They will learn and use it elsewhere when they join. Better use it for yourself productively. 
To know what you are missing you have to use it and see it for yourself. Being open to new ideas is an important part of the new culture. If you ask me, the only way to propel your company into the next level is culture.

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  1. IMHO, the ideal solution is to train them to keep a balance. Work should not be hampered and one must use all these social tools available and add value.

  2. Hi Thanks for your comments. Yes true. To train them and keep a balance, the only way is to develop such a culture within. Hence restrictive practices must leave way for a balanced approach with controls. Earlier you start the faster you can achieve that balance.

  3. Hi Varadh, We implemented a Yammer network for our organization and the openness and collaboration helps our work.
    I hope MSFT will keep Yammer up & running

  4. Hi Hari, Thats nice to know. Spend enough time in making people learn the tools. Collaboration is a good starting point.
    Yammer is a cool tool. We need to wait and see what msft does with that. There are many “likely” and “unlikely” predictions on what msft will do from analysts. Keep a track. All the best.

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