What Next After Email?

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Email has transformed the way you do business. Email has transformed the way we live our lives. Email on mobile has made it instantaneous.
Have you gone beyond this? If not, what is next?
In Email, access to past information becomes a big pain. How do you access information in email or instant messaging? They tend to be like private conversations and lost. How does the organization access this information? How can this necessary information be made available to those who need them, when they need them and where they need them?
If you have moved to CRM or ERP like applications, do you have access to those information in real-time?
Personally are you using Facebook and/or twitter? Have you thought of Facebook-like or twitter-like applications customized to your business process and work-flow? 
Easy micro-blogging tools are available for enterprises today. You can share information, build teamwork and can have real-time notifications. You can still get notified by email and reply by email. When you want to find information you can find them well organized in one place. Such tools can help locate answers and/or relevant people within the group.
Attractive real-time collaboration platforms are available. You can integrate all your applications. 
Some of the information you may need in real-time. Not all information are needed in real-time. People mistake real-time collaboration with relay of information. Relay of information in real-time leads to information overload. Hence you need to carefully select and build your business processes and work-flow into these real-time activities.
Interact. Collaborate. Improve your business performance. 
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