Learning Social Tools via Email: A Demanding Kind Of Joy

You have a business. You have a brand. The brand could just be you. You have been hearing that social business brings in a lot of growth. Growth in every aspect and perspective, be it knowledge, sales, service, newer areas of growth. Betterment includes internal and external. You have listened to facts how online is growing and success stories all around. You have also seen some disasters. What’s in it for you?

People often ask me these questions. Where to start? What are the next steps? How do I go about? How can I be sure? How do I learn? How do I check? What are the best ways to learn? Sometimes I feel like answering a question of enormity like “How is Life?” It can mean so much.

On this subject, we have done elevator pitches, short presentations, longer ones, workshops, training programs, reviews and what not to business people.

One real objection that stood out: Time. Overall, it looks like, it will take hours and hours to master such things. When dealing with an overload already, it does not seem a good idea to undertake such exercises even if it is in the best interests of the business and growth. How do you overcome this?

I find that people are extremely good and settled with their emails as a tool for business. So why not learn through email? Inspired by some leaders who have implemented this successfully, we tried this last year. This post is to share that it works better than current methods of ours. So we are going to do more of that this year.

We are working with clients through email. They get daily or weekly emails. We explain one aspect of a goal or tool or feature at a time in every email. They just have to read, learn and spend time only with that one aspect of a tool or feature at a time. Many prefer “weekly” so that they can practice, share and learn about that one aspect well within that week. In practice they generally become master of it. We have seen that people not only master the tools but expand their thoughts.

Such learning and sharing becomes a new culture.It becomes a everyday habit. Transition becomes easy. In due course, you shift to using social tools in the best manner that suits your business. Since it is one at a time via email, the mistakes are greatly reduced or manageable. It does not feel like you are wasting your precious work time and learning something, which you are unsure. It also gives you a break and learning re-energizes you.

Once-in-a-frequency when we meet our email clients, the happiness of learning and that standing in good stead is visible all over. It has been a demanding kind of joy that we are experiencing and sharing.

What do you think? How have you been learning?

Want to try this? Feel free to comment or buzz me. I will be happy to talk to you.

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