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I was at my kids’ school today for a PTA meeting. The dean of the school talked about ASP as a motto for the school.

ASP: Assimilate, Share, Practice. I thought it is a very relevant message even for businesses in this #socbiz age that we live in.

The dictionary meaning of Assimilate is “take in (information, ideas, or culture) and understand fully”. Businesses today can assimilate more than any time in the past. They can follow thought leaders, competition, customers, their own employees and other stakeholders and take in so much of information, ideas and culture. They have more than the necessary tools to understand them in proper perspective.

The same way they can share such information, ideas and culture with everyone by using #social tools.

The most difficult is to practice. Here lies the key for success. Assimilation and Sharing become pre-requisites to practice and practice makes it a winning strategy. Since it is such an important word, I give here the dictionary meaning of practice as “the actual application or use of an idea, belief, or method as opposed to theories about such application or use”.¬†Practice also renders more meaning to the assimilation and sharing. Traditionally businesses spend more time, energy & money to assimilate and share the best practices within and outside of the companies. That becomes easier with #socbiz tools with the convergence of #social, #mobile, #cloud and #bigdata.

I thank all those, whom I follow, who help me assimilate the best, I thank all those who follow me and appreciate my sharing. Putting these into practice is what makes us win. One strengthens the other and when done as a process of ASP, we win hands down.

How do you Assimilate, Share and Practice in your business? Feel free to comment.

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