Being A Leader


What is “doing politics” or has come to be ?

When someone (or a group of people) want something badly or in distress and come to you for a solution (or you hear about it and reach them to know more about it), whether you can solve or not, first, you make them believe that you can solve it. By this you make them share all information about the issue and themselves. Secondly, you find out what they can do for you. Now you achieve the second thing with ease first. Later, make it known to the world that you are with this group trying to solve their problem. If the problem gets solved, you take credit and if it doesn’t, then make them believe, again, that you tried your best and without you they would not have reached wherever they are. Even if the whole thing fails, you just don’t bother or allow yourself, in any way, to be affected by the outcome.

Who is a leader?

A leader is one who knows or gets to know that a group of people (or someone) want something badly or in distress, reaches them and takes pains to convince them that he can solve the problem. Generally people discard such leaders or doubt them in every way. Unmindful of this attitude, a leader goes ahead and solves their problem first. Later when they forget the leader for what he did, the leader is not disturbed and makes it look like they deserved their own solution on their own might. Even if they are good enough to show their gratitude, the leader keeps them by his side and makes it look like they are helping him in his own endeavours and happy to share his credit with them for their own ends.

Apply these in businesses, corporate world, consulting or wherever.  Do you find them in different shades and grades?  Let me know if it fits.

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