Mid-Career Equations

As kids we were used to being posed the question: What do you want to become? That question comes back in our mid-career for most of us, this time, posed by our own-self.

A lot of us in our mid-career take stock of where we started and how we grew till now. Most of us are happy with what we are now, though there are things, we always think we could have done better. But, the million-dollar-question is, how do we do better than this in future? While we are happy where we are, are we ok to do this for the next 10-20 years?  What kind of skills do we have? What kind of work do we want to do today to grow in the future? Should we take a step back and learn new skills? Or should we continue to run this race wherever it takes us? Do we have a choice? More importantly, are we ready to talk it out? Are we flexible in what we shall do for that bargain? Or do we think, in some magical way, those things will come to us? Ask yourself these questions. You will make a great start.

I am sure you have your own set of questions and answers. It helps to talk it out.  Decide your part of the equation first. . Say what you will not do for sure. Decide what you are ready to do.

A lot of people talk to me on their forthcoming interviews for a new job. Some ask me what they should do to start on their own. Some talk just to crib. Some think if they maintain what they have got now, for a life-time, it would be a Himalayan achievement for them. A lot of people ask me what I think about it. They ask me because I know them. They ask me because they want to talk aloud. They ask me because they find a listener in me. They ask me because I put people together to explore.

Keep your thoughts open and share what you think you are doing to decide your own future. Share your interesting ideas and anectodes on the same.

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