My Cloud Story


One of my friends used to say often,

“You should not go where the horse takes you. You should take the horse where you want to go.”

I apply this for technology. It is horse power to your advantage if you use it well. One such technology is Cloud Computing.

I was introduced to cloud computing 3 years back by way of solutions to my work needs. Then on, no looking back. Cloud has served me in every way. Cloud has made me more competitive. Cloud has freed up a lot of my time. Cloud has given me so much of flexibility on how and where I do my work. Cloud has given me business opportunities. Cloud has made me my customer’s first choice to check, and hence I have always had the first choice of refusal even for the projects which I did not do. If you are in business, you understand what a great privilege it is to be in such a position with the customer. Cloud has helped me earn a tremendous "top-of-the-mind-recall" with my customers.Cloud has saved me money.

It rubbed off on my life too. Cloud has made my life better. Cloud has given me more family time. Cloud  has given the whole family a better way to collaborate. Cloud has given my kids wonderful backup for their slokas and music files. Learning has a new dimension with Cloud.

Productivity everywhere. Thanks to managing my work using cloud, I could even pursue and finish my long-cherished dream of doing a post graduation. I did that in DivyaPrabhandam for the last two years in a regular course M.A(Divya Prabhandam) without compromising on the work-front. Thank you Cloud!!!

Are you using Cloud to your business advantage? During the last two years I shared some of what I learnt about Cloud. Check out the links as follows:

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Cloud Camp #unconference See my twitter stream in this post and people mentioned there.  You can learn a lot of Cloud Computing by following some of them in twitter.

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I started 3 years before with this post: Access Your Data And Apps From Anywhere, 24×7 and my enthusiasm has only grown from strength to strength with results supporting in my favour.

I have been in so much love with Cloud Computing that we have a company called CloudsDirect to advise businesses on how to leverage Cloud for business growth.

In the last 2 years the journey of life and business has been a wonderful one. So much of wonderful business stories and business results. Thank you, Cloud!!!

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