Overcoming The Internet Quagmire

foto courtesy: HubSpot offers

foto courtesy: HubSpot offers

How many times have you logged in to the web like email or other places to do some work, did other things, thanks to distraction, and logged out without completing what you intended to do? Have you cursed yourself and wondered how the distraction influences and derails you? If yes, take heart, you are not alone.

The period “Before Internet” and “After Internet” is how we discuss when it comes to time-management discussions. “Before Internet” there were very few things powerful enough to distract a disciplined person. The same thing cannot be said about “after interent” days. However disciplined we are, internet with its never ending distractions can throw us off balance, make us forget things and go awfully wrong with our deadlines. The same “after internet” days also provide us with powerful tools like reminders through various forms to overcome them and stay on course. But today we need a lot more discipline to keep up with priorities, to remember everything, be productive and not waste time in activities due to distractions.

One of the ways that I manage this (shutting off or down things is no option for many of us) is by exploring newer tools of alarms; reminders etc… When I use the same set of tools, familiarity makes me take it less seriously. So even a change of ringtone helps me in this regard. There are abundant choices today and so many new arrivals. Exploring new tools serves two purposes. One to learn new improved version of things and second the job of getting reminded and taking action happens.

My kids are one of those most affected when it comes to my promises and not keeping up the deadline of promises. So they find ways to attract attention and getting things done. One such small attempt by my son happens to help me greatly in my work too. He had set up announcing of the time in my Mac every 15 minutes. It is working wonders for me.

Every fifteen minutes I become aware of the passing time and pause a few seconds to think if I am on track for the jobs to be done. When it keeps announcing “it is 10.45”, “it is 11 o’clock” , I even am tempted to answer “ok,ok”, “I know, I know” or “shut up”.

You can love or hate Internet but you cannot ignore it.

How do you manage the quagmire of Internet?

Feel free to share your experiences and what you do.

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