Pharma’s Social Journey Can Start With Opinion Leaders

Pharma marketing needs to concentrate on opinion leaders to get their prescriptions. It is an open secret that opinion leaders in every region heavily influence Rx habits of others. If you learn how these opinion leaders favour digital and social platforms and make a start with them, it will be a good start and learning. In this context, not necessarily and always, you need to think “product promotion”. Instead think of a differentiated relationship and “top of mind recall” for your company and people.

I think this is one of the key ways to start with “pharma and social” as each rep territory will only have a handful of such opinion leaders. You can also be a bridge among such opinion leaders and, if successful, the rest will happen automatically. It might even be worthy to consider a special team for exploring and executing.

The above few points I am typing and posting from my smartphone app. Just a thought. You can add to this and we can discuss.

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