Sharing As A Competitive Advantage

foto courtesy: Hubspot offers

foto courtesy: Hubspot offers

Let me share a few good articles on healthcare that I had read recently and bookmarked:

Are physicians still responsible for mistakes in health care?

Communication: the missing piece in the adherence puzzle


What do you do when you read a nice meaningful article? I share them through twitter, linkedin, Google+. If you are around, let us get connected there. I bookmark some of the articles that I read to share later. I share them in a relevant way with people when we have related discussions. This helps me substantiate what I say during the discussions and add a lot of credibility. It makes other people share what they find relevant for me to learn. Talk about win-win.

I look at sharing as a competitive advantage.

The two major tools that I use are diigo and evernote. Emailing to my evernote is an awesome feature that I love. I share my lists from my diigo library with associates and my clients so that when we discuss a topic I can refer the shared article and they would know what I am talking about.

What do you use? How do you share ideas? How do you store them to use it in a relevant way for the future?

Feel free to comment and also get connected.

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