The Vegetable Vendor And The eStore

We buy our vegetables from our regular vendors. They come with their cart or some of them carry the goods on them. In this age of fashionable supermarkets and hypermarkets, we still buy from the vendor who comes to our gate and showcases what they have.


  1. No use of plastic bags (they bring in their eco-friendly big basket and transfer to our small baskets)
  2. No travel in traffic, no parking issues, no pollution for us (they too mostly walk and push their carts around)
  3. No need to remember to buy vegetables. One reminder less on my gadget.
  4. No need to remember what was bought recently. They know and hence bring the vegetables in rotation.
  5. No need to stock-up for a week and hence more fresh (they come almost daily or on alternate days). The load and space on the fridge is available for other things.
  6. Most of them bring garden vegetables and hence better.
  7. For them it is just not a business. Their earning supports a family. Sometime you get to know their progress. Feel good factor.
  8. If there is a quality problem, no need to argue or show bills. They accept and even if we don’t return or deduct, they take more care next time.
  9. No bills, less paper, ecofriendly.


  1. Some variety of veggies we might miss. We need to go in search of them and buy.
  2. Hygiene: sometimes we need to be wary of this. (Though applicable for supermarkets too).
  3. If all our neighbours buy from him/her, more or less the same dish will get cooked and might affect the exchange of cup-sized tasting measures between neighbours and hence might affect that culture.

Occassionally we buy from those superstores too. There are distinct advantages in buying from such stores too.

Where do you buy and why? Add them in the comments.

Extending thoughts for these vendors:

Instead of worrying about supermarkets destroying their sales, some of the vendors can capitalize their relationship with customers and cater to them with newer tools of technology like eStore. It costs as low as INR500+ for a store on the net (eg: NetMyStore). Some of these vendors are big enough to afford these low cost stores and can try to increase their volume, turnover and profits by catering to segments like office-going households.  Who knows may be they can even think of an APP in near future? Most of them are a well-knit group, which will allow some of them to join together and cater with demarcated geographical areas using a single store. Has anyone done that?

Technology can play a great leveler and improve these vendors’ lives to newer heights. What do you think? Feel free to comment.

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  1. one more drawback – the street vendors keep on pestering us to give Diwali or Pongal money bacause of our daily acquaintance with them.

    • I dont think Vendors ask such things. I have never seen a vendor ask for it. Vendors do their trade very proudly. They may pester to buy things from them everytime they come but never the kind of asking(leave alone pestering) that you indicate.


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