Where Participation Is As Good As Winning


I have been associated with Pharma and Healthcare for more than two decades now. I always have ideas how Pharma and Healthcare should go about functioning in the interests of the patient. I also know enough ground realities and hence I think my ideas are practical enough to implement and produce the needed results. Hence I take every opportunity that comes my way to participate in discussions around Pharma and Healthcare.


Recently my friend Prasannan (The Mobile Specialist) brought this document Grand Challenges in TB Control to discuss. It is one of the best documents I have ever seen in terms of clarity of purpose, scope of solutions and acknowledging the challenges with respect to reality.

We discussed the document well and came out with some possible solution ideas to be aided by technology and have submitted the same as prescribed by them. The latest update from them states

Of the 122 proposals received, 78 are still under consideration. If you are receiving this mail, you are in the 78.

I feel good with this. I am sure there are lots of competent authorities who must be participating. But the fact that we passed the first round of filters shows that our thinking has been in the right direction. A big win to start with.

The organizers have defined the next step as:

From the pool of 78, 30 will shortlisted to make a presentation to an expert panel. We plan to have the presentations in Hyderabad on October 24-25, 2013. You will be given sufficient time to prepare if shortlisted for the presentation. We will keep you updated on the progress.

It might be tough to be in 30 as existing hospitals and healthcare providers might be competing at the top. Nevertheless this gives us the motivation to keep thinking about how to bring technology to solve healthcare problems and we shall continue to participate, think and come up with solutions for the future.

Any discussions on these lines, feel free to buzz us.

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