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2014 has been a good year in terms of prospective clients realizing the importance of eCommerce. I have been advocating to include eCommerce strategy as a part of overall strategy rather than drop-everything-do-this kind of advise. From objections of the kind “I dont think my customers are out there” to “you don’t know my industry”, business owners have moved to asking “Is it too early?” and “Should I do it stand alone or integrate within my current work-flow?”. These are being discussed at length in meetings off-late. This is a good sign. Current heated topics include “Do I need to outsource or do I need to build it inside?”. I always recommend that you build it inside. The reasons are obvious. Going forward it will become an asset. If you outsource, you might make a marginal better beginning(which I can argue otherwise easily) but you will come back to square-one the day it stops to work. Also you will not build instuitional memories along the learning curve. You might even disrupt the current set up by outsourcing as comparisons will soon start happening.

Many a times after long discussions the business owners ask me “what next”. I recommend

  1. Implementation of internal productivity tools
  2. Mapping eCommerce Strategy as part of overall strategy
  3. Social conversations

and exactly in that order.

First half of 2015 will tell me how fast businesses will move and what more we need to teach them.

I look forward to your comments and feel free to discuss.

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