About Me

I am Varadharajan Krishnamoorthy and called as “Varadh”.

What I do currently:

My Resume includes:

  • Expertise, experience and networking in the Indian market developed through more than 20 years of work serving multinationals and Indian companies.
  • A Degree in science, a diploma in Marketing Management and a one-year International Business Program from Indian Institute of Management, Kolkota.
  • Work experience with large multinational firms in the Pharmaceutical Industry (Glaxo India) and FMCG (Nestle India) industry.
  • Living and working experience both in India and Latin America (based at Brasil) for Indian companies handling sales of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
  • Language skills in Tamil, Hindi, Portuguese(tudo bem?) and English.
  • Enjoying reading a lot and driving in the Indian countryside.
  • Expertise in Social Business with specialization in “Pharma and Social Business”.
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