Diagnose And Repair

diagnose and repair1990- I bought my first motorbike. An AX 100R. I had always given it for service in the authorized service centers. My reasons had been simple. They are trained for that vehicle and equipped with materials to do repairs for that vehicle. They are not one-man show. There are specialized people to look at various parts of the services that the vehicle requires. They tend to be more responsible. For all these put together, their charges might be higher compared to a road-side mechanic who is all-in-all in his shop, who deals with all kinds of vehicles, has limited equipments, cannot replace spare-parts readily, over-worked as one-man show, equally responsible(let us say), charges a tad less. But I always had a feeling that one-man mechanic will do what is absolutely necessary, might not foresee problems and act on it, whereas the service-centre guys will go by the book and hence might do the necessary changes if it is in the change-this-threshold already.

Stop. Over the years I have been with my Doctor friends(yes I mean the health care practitioners) and have always been fascinated by their diagnosis, treatment methodologies. I mean the way in which they diagnose and the way in which they treat. Generally when a Junior doctor joins the senior, to start with, he will be asked to kind of sit with the senior, watch, learn, and at the end, the senior will dictate his Rxions for the junior to keep writing it. So, for outside world, it will look as if the junior is kept like a clerk to write down the senior’s dictation. But, they know what they are doing and representatives like us understood it well. When the junior grows, the senior will ask the junior, “What is your diagnosis? Why?” and then teach him why and/or why-not. This is hands-on training. After that knowing the senior’s Rxion habits he would write out on his own. Sometimes, the senior will cross-check. So, from this we can easily understand that diagnosis is the most important part. That made correct, treatment follows. By and large, the success of the treatment lies in right diagnosis.

I had seen senior paediatricians walking on the in-patient wards and stop by to tell a mother to feed, short-circuiting their original orderly rounds to go and check a baby. These, I understood, happened because they can differentiate between a cry-due-to-hunger and a cry-in-pain. They will also stop by and ask their juniors to identify “cries” in the wards. Later in clinics, I had seen doctors who would shout-out to their compounders or staff to let a crying baby in first(though the patient’s order could be well down the order of turns). And their instructing the staff to ask the respective mother to feed the crying baby. Again they can differentiate by listening-in the cries.

Stop. Today my 70cc XL didnt start and I had to depend on a road-side mechanic. He entrusted the job to a junior and the junior fiddled with the vehicle one at a time. First, he diagnosed that spark-plug was the problem and cleaned it. It didn’t work. Then he thought carburetor was the issue. He cleaned it. It didn’t work. By this time he had taken a full 45 minutes. The senior guy came around and asked him if he checked the motor for current. Then he checked it himself and then found that faulty. I had to go, get a new one and we replaced it. 5 minutes job. It was ready.

I explained to both the guys that they should not venture in to a treatment process and should diagnose first. I told the all-in-all senior owner mechanic that he should  follow the doctor methodology to train his junior. He didn’t agree. He said only if the junior worked this hard(doing unnecessary things) he would learn and also would respect him(the senior). Luckily, these guys did not become doctors. World puts up with these bike-doctors this way. I made a resolution once-again not to go to the roadside all-in-all mechanic next time.

Posting this story out helped me calm down after going through this experience. If you had come this far, a big thank you for reading this.

Rameshwaram Discussions X Social Media Gist

A friendly discussion at Rameshwaram about the place, where to stay, what to see and how social media is relevant for a hotel promotion. It was one of those days of north-east monsoon storms that we get usually. So it was windy and hence you might have to use an external speaker or use your headphones to listen with good volume. You can learn a great deal about Rameshwaram and can buzz Raghu who is in the video by using the above link of his hotel.

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Ramnad: YES Talk Visit



Marketing Through Website

I spoke on Marketing Through Website(title chosen by the organizers).

Re-Imagining business
Barriers to change
Understanding Social Media
Connecting the social dots
Doing eCommerce/mcommerce

Posting some pictures from Cannanore. #2013talks

Digital Analytics Fundamentals


Passed The Google Digital Analytics Fundamentals course. This is one of the nice courses. It talks more about business and introduces all the tools with a business relevance. I did this course basically to understand the mapping of marketing metrics to the digital tools and learning to know the significance of analyzing the various metrics. But to my surprise the course has prepared me to consider using the analytics tools by myself. Simple, clear and concise course material without much jargons. What I really liked in the course was the fact that the tools and business metrics were well mapped and explained. This should go a long way for me as a marketer who promotes online presence to grow businesses. Now when I sit with the reports, I can read more and take informed decisions for businesses of my clients.

Study Quarter 2013 : Digital Analytics Fundamentals From Google


As a part of the above said “study quarter”, I found this course on Digital Analytics Fundamentals to revisit the fundamentals of digital analytics for the month of October 2013 and just starting with the course.

Sharing so that you can take a look and take a plunge, if interested.

More to come…

The iPhone Skin

iphone fixed2

foto credits: sandhya.varadh.com

I dropped my iPhone last month on the tar road. It looked like it broke into pieces. Felt so bad. Luckily it fell on its backside and the screen side was ok and hence could continue to use it. Thanks to Prasannan, got it fixed with a skin bought from dbrand. Now it kind of looks much better. Feeling better now and more importantly still working fine.

iphone fixed










Why I Am Upbeat About MSME Moving Towards eCommerce

7K0A0947I have been talking, thinking and discussing about eCommerce for MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises) and posted a few thoughts in the last few posts.

The reasons why I think MSMEs will be good successful participants of eCommerce are

  • Single Owners (single can mean individual or family)
  • Own Capital (most of them run their businesses on their own capital)
  • Owners can take decisions (Decision Makers)
  • Decision Makers control and manage the business on a daily basis
  • Most of them will have experience ranging from 10-40 years in business
  • Most of them know all the business challenges of their respective businesses

Don’t you think there is a strong case for their moving towards eCommerce with such strong attributes which help the decision making and transition required. Feel free to comment or add what you think.


Taking MSME Towards eCommerce

foto courtesy: HubSpot offers

foto courtesy: HubSpot offers

I wrote The Vegetable Vendor And The eStore and eStore: Get Inspired By Volvo.

I had said that training programs, with basic content, educating about eCommerce will help rates of adoption. 

Training Programs

  • The training should start from introduction to Internet, mobile Internet and online market concept.
  • Businesses should be taught to think of opportunities. 
  • They should be encouraged to check with their existing customers and see some proof.
  • Seeing their name on the internet will sure encourage them to do this exercise of showing and getting more feedback.  
  • They can be taught to start from the Contact Page (even their promotion to customers can start here).
  • They will see a lot of relevance when they start from this page. They can be taught to spend a few hours everyday online.
  • Simple designs, video testimonials can be easily picked up by them while they learn. 
  • It should be explained that eCommerce can be tried as a part of overall business while they are on the learning curve with limited resources.
  • They can use Signage and Hand-outs to promote their presence online with existing customers and/or at their current traditional outlets. 

What sellers can do over the internet:

  • Learn Internet as a market place
  • Learn marketing over the internet
  • Learn actual selling over the internet
  • Learn to share information
  • Collaborate internally (with employees)
  • Learn the advantage of expanding markets, if they can deliver over the internet

Factors that could encourage people adopt eCommerce

  • Increased sales
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved customer service leading to increase in sales
  • Supply chain streamlining and solving continuity issues
  • Overall efficiency compared to traditional methods employed


  • Lack of Internet access
  • Lack of skilled staff
  • Consumer indifference
  • Security concerns
A comparison of current costs, necessary capital costs, ongoing costs, timeline to experiment, measuring some of the factors discussed above and a review of all these every 3 months can be done with businesses to encourage adoption or to alert them to fine-tune to make it successful or even to discontinue. 
Such training programs can be done through trade associations and so many other non-profit associations which work in the welfare of MSMEs.  
I am sure increasingly eCommerce will become the order of the day. But those who help businesses gain advantage will lead from the front establishing themselves through conversions by creating a good ecosystem for the growing eCommerce. 

eStore: Get Inspired By Volvo

I posted The Vegetable Vendor And The eStore.

It attracted comments as follows (Taking the liberty with Sumant and Rajesh to post it here).

I believe that people who offer eStore  like Net My Store can start a new trend and help people maintain their customers and also improve upon them. The vegetable vendor is only an example. There are so many traders/other vendors who are struggling to keep up their businesses with increasing costs and loosing customers fast. They have no clue to what hits them. Most of them have to shed what they have been doing for generations and look for new work. That is not easy. They suffer a lot.

I was thinking about Sumant’s question of  “Are they “equipped” enough to use it?”. Good question. Answer is “obviously, they are not”. Through the last one-week it was running in my mind.  Will they be “equipped” ever? That looks tough if we think standing on their shoes. So the next question: Is there anything that such people who promote “eStores” can offer to them?

Take a break. Another thought today.

In recent years, we find Volvos plying everywhere. How do you think they have won? It is just not their vehicle. If they had kept talking about only their vehicle and has left it in the hands of those who are not “equipped” to handle it, it would have been very tough for both them and the buyers. I think their success can be attributed to their investment on Driver Training Program. Read this page here.

Now back to what we were discussing. I know a lot of differences exist. I know acquisition costs will be higher if you do the training as part of your selling. But let us forget the differences. Is there any learning that we can capture from it? Can the eStore guys put together an “Online Store Training Program” ? Will it make a difference? Can it be sold? If yes, it should be done through channels like trader associations which will make it easier.

I am sure such training programs with basic content (will write about it sometime later) will be very attractive and might even create a lot of new jobs in other areas of work. What do you think?

Or will these stores prefer to wait for them to be “equipped”? And is that the right thing to do? Just thinking loud.

Feel free to comment. I am here to listen.