What Earns You Respect?

This week I am teaching a class of management students on #digital marketing. What I find, especially with management students, is the tendency to use jargons. I love jargons too. Nothing wrong in throwing one’s weight using jargons. But when asked for an explanation, if you are wrong or have not understood what the jargon means, you stand exposed. Hence one should be careful. Alternatively practicing to use simple words, to explain, attracts people. It never goes wrong. Not using jargons, no one will run the risk. But using jargons and not able to explain it can undo a lot of things. So be careful while using jargons. What earns you respect is what you can explain simply. I try to teach in simple terms and then introduce jargons. Just an observation from the class. What do you think?

Growth Via #SocialBusiness : Why Businesses Are Stranded

Just Do ItI discuss #social strategies with many businesses. Everyone understands that it is the way forward. Everyone understands why it has to be sooner than later. But almost everyone takes no action and gets stranded with the decision. They do not move forward. Often during the discussions I hear the reasons.

I talk about mapping their current practices to digital equivalents. That is not easy with their current practices.

Some of the reasons I generally see are:

  • Businesses are not transparent with their employees/customers/stakeholders/partners.
  • Business owners want total control of the situation. They fail to realize that customers don’t need their permissions to talk about them.
  • The team knows they are not good with customer service.
  • Businesses know they are not sincere.
  • They know they do not have great products.
  • They know they want to retain hierarchichal structure with total control.
  • Most of them think customer education will make it difficult for them to sell/serve. So they don’t want to initiate customer education. They think explaining about their products/services, in a way to sell them, is customer education. They are so naive sometimes. They want to wait out till customer learns on their own.

They are more afraid that their not-so-good face will come out openly and hit them badly. They ask me how they can control things. They want to know if there is a way to project only the good face. They ask me if they can partially do whatever. They ask me who will take responsibility.

They are right not going #social with these drawbacks. #social is not a plug-in.

I tell them how they can start and change their businesses using #social and use it as an opporunity to both correct the drawbacks and also to have their dream fulfilled towards the future.

Marketing Through Website

I spoke on Marketing Through Website(title chosen by the organizers).

Re-Imagining business
Barriers to change
Understanding Social Media
Connecting the social dots
Doing eCommerce/mcommerce

Posting some pictures from Cannanore. #2013talks

Pharma’s Social Journey Can Start With Opinion Leaders

Pharma marketing needs to concentrate on opinion leaders to get their prescriptions. It is an open secret that opinion leaders in every region heavily influence Rx habits of others. If you learn how these opinion leaders favour digital and social platforms and make a start with them, it will be a good start and learning. In this context, not necessarily and always, you need to think “product promotion”. Instead think of a differentiated relationship and “top of mind recall” for your company and people.

I think this is one of the key ways to start with “pharma and social” as each rep territory will only have a handful of such opinion leaders. You can also be a bridge among such opinion leaders and, if successful, the rest will happen automatically. It might even be worthy to consider a special team for exploring and executing.

The above few points I am typing and posting from my smartphone app. Just a thought. You can add to this and we can discuss.

Connecting The Social Dots

YouTube Preview Image

Its time to think BIG. Its time to connect the social dots for your business. Go Social, Go Mobile, Go Cloud and learn to use Big Data to your advantage. Connect these social dots for your business growth. These are the future dots of businesses. The best possible future for your business comes from connecting these dots.

Apart from all the social media that we know that we put to work for our business, my friend Krish gave a wonderful view on Social as a source of data and Social as data, in the recent Imagine2020 talk of his at Chennai.

You know how you do business. Check how business gets done or what are the underlying changes that has happened recently. That will give you an idea of how your organization should change for the future.

To compete in the marketplace with better sales, customer service, worker productivity and to grasp with trends of products of the future that your customers look forward to Social is becoming a must. Social will make you highly competitive. Social will help you survive, thrive and grow better.

Organizational, structural, cultural, regulatory and legal barriers might exist. But these can be overcome with a proper understanding and transition done to move towards being a Social Business.

Happy New Year 2013 and here is Wishing you and your business lots of growth with Social tools in the coming years.